About us

We are group of photographers with great experience but also good knowledge of trend. Our ability is to express art in commercial photography with modern tools and thoughts.

Image is meditation between the world and human beings. Image is needed to make the world comprehensible.

Whatever your marketing goals are, we are photographers & cinematographer who can take you there. We are more than just photographers but photo-design services. We shall give your images along with messages.

Our task is to find out the most important meaning of your story and to create the result into visible form.

In spite of our experiences we still have the same excitement starting a new project- as if it was our first one.

Jaeseong Park

Co-owner, Photographer, Cinematographer

"What am I living for? This is a big question through my life since my mother has been a master of meditation and I have been exposed under this environment since 15 years old. I have found that contribution to the world is the answer.

Then how can I contribute? One possible way was delivering message through my creation which can change attitude of people toward the world. My creations can be digital games and photography and this is why I have come to study information technology in Finland where has high reputation in terms of advanced education system although I graduate Business Administration in South Korea.

In a sense of my photography, I would like to express the beauty of Finland as Korean point of view even though some people does not much enjoy many days under grayish weather. I have found dynamics in the stillness, purity under monotone atmospheric. I would like to turn over fixed view and deliver my message into photography.

Said Aqqa

Co-owner, Photographer, Producer, Videographer

I´m a photographer, videographer, based in Helsinki erea.

A along experience behind, did worked with all different mankind.

I love photographing. I master it, i would like to share my enjoyment with you from my own experience, my work....

With small details we create  the the big picture

Film, I have been many times, front camera as main actor and behind the camera as a cameraman.

Worked as a Cameraman at Yle, Uutiset, ( news, live broadcasting ), A-Studio, A-Talks, A-Talks: Live stream.

-I was as a main character in Documentary films like, two mothers ( Yle ), Bus driver ( Yle ). www.Yle.fi 

Studio assistant: www.parad.fi and more....

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